Safe Conversations at Work and Home

People don’t get you!

No one understands you, and no one ever does what you expect of them. This misunderstanding happens with many of your relationships, especially the ones who are close to you.

Why do some people always make you angry? Why don’t people listen to you?

Home, work – it doesn’t matter where you are. You still feel being judged all the time, which makes it impossible to connect!

There is a disconnect between conversations and other people. The chain of communication is lacking, and you don’t know how to repair it.

Connecting improves the conversation.

Most people feel this way about being heard and understood because we fail to make a connection.

Most people hear what they want to hear, and anything that doesn’t meet their expectations or beliefs is rejected, judged, or ridiculed.

Having a safe and honest conversation provides an avenue for making a real connection – one where you feel heard and understood.

All your relationships can experience transformation through a practice called Safe Conversations®.

Learn to connect and communicate.

When we work on Safe Conversations together, you will learn how to connect with others, which will allow you to communicate.

You’ll learn how to begin sentences, so the conversation doesn’t blow up and how to respond in ways that provide safety for you and the other person.

Even difficult topics are open for discussion, and you can learn how to have those discussions without fear, conflict, or judgment.

Improve your conversation, and people will get you.

Imagine how satisfying it will feel to talk to others without criticism, listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences.

Imagine how it will feel for you not to be criticized and judged.

With the right help, safe conversations are possible. Then, that anger and disconnect you feel will disappear.

Let me help you bring fulfilling relationships back into your life.