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Parenting is not all fun and games.

How many times have you thought, “I do not like my kids right now?” “They are driving me crazy and don’t listen to me!”

Don’t think you are the only parent who feels like this at times – you have plenty of company.

You love your children deeply and would never do anything to harm them and want to raise them differently from how your parents raised you.

Sounding like your mother or father scares you to death – you swore that you would raise your children not using the methods your parent used.

And then, one fine day, when your child has pushed your last button, you hear your mother’s words coming out of your mouth! You think, “Oh well, so much for my grand ideas about child-rearing.”

Teenage years: “I thought preteens were bad.”

The relationship, especially with your teenager, is getting worse.

Your teen listens to absolutely nothing that you say.

Back-talking, snarky, demeaning, know-it-all are great descriptors for your teen’s behavior.

You were only trying to provide some sound advice based on your experiences. That went over like a lead balloon.

Imagine a different scenario.

Imagine that you and your child have a deep emotional connection where you discuss issues as they arise.

In this scenario, you begin to see the beauty and beautiful things your child is capable of instead of always pointing out what they are doing wrong!

The relationship between you and your child or teen is nurturing, accepting, trusting, encouraging, and respectful.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® can help make this dream come true.

Let’s work to create a different relationship.

We will use the Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) and other proven methods to repair and restore ruptured relationships between parents and children.

You will learn how to bring all your relationships into balance, love, and harmony. Finding that balance is not only about your children. It’s also about you and the energy you bring to all your relationships.

Parents have found that if they stick to the NHA program, the relationships with their children change.

Through weekly discussions about the approach, homework, readings, and practice, your family relationships will transform into the relationships you’ve always wanted – loving, kind, respectful, and joyful.

Make your parenting fun and rewarding. Contact me today!

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