Divorce and Transition for Parents

Divorce impacts everyone – especially children.

Divorce isn’t easy, even if you want it and know it is best for all involved.

Divorce affects you, your soon-to-be-ex, and more importantly, it affects your children. As much as you tell your children that mommy and daddy deciding to divorce is not their fault, they believe otherwise.

Your spouse sends you scathing emails full of anger and threats, and you respond in kind both by email and telephone. Your children hear the threats and angry words. They also hear both adults speak badly about each other.

Unfortunately, children find themselves caught in the middle – trapped between feuding parents.

Overcoming the impact of divorce requires resiliency.

Keeping your cool in front of the judge is not easy – but you know this is for the best in the long run. You tell yourself, “Stay calm!”

Your children start acting out. At the same time, you also notice that they want to protect you and your soon-to-be-ex from any feelings they may have.

Wouldn’t it be great if you learned the skills you need to speak and write civilly to each other? Imagine that your children also learned the skills to manage themselves and build resiliency during this crisis.

Gaining this resiliency now will last a lifetime and serve them in numerous ways as they face other crises in their lives.

Cooperation makes for an amicable divorce – for all parties.

Staying calm, not arguing or talking badly about each other, and being united about caring for your children are possible outcomes.

Your family can move forward without divorce damaging either you or your children.

It is possible for everyone involved to gain resiliency, helping to minimize conflict.

Therapy helps make a better transition for everyone concerned.

Learn ways to make a positive transition.

Together, we will go through New Ways for Families®, a 4-Step method to help both parents develop new ways of making decisions, communicating, and planning for their children in a separation or divorce.

In nine sessions, you will transform your relationship with yourself, your soon-to-be-ex, and your children by learning and imparting the skills that will make this separation or divorce more manageable.

Let me help you manage this difficult time.