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Your Relationship with Your Teen

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“You’re the worst Mom in the entire universe!”

You can’t believe those words came out of your baby’s mouth.

But it did. Right now, you’re wishing that you’d never had children.

You yearned for the early years when your child depended on you, and there was sweetness between you.

That little face looked up to you, listened to you, and would climb into your lap to kiss you.

But no more – your sweet child is has become a monster from another planet!

“I hate you. I hate living here!”

The negativity emanating from your teen is affecting everyone in the household.

You can’t stand to be in the same room with them.

Worst of all, your teen’s bad attitude is rubbing off on your other kids.

Your husband can’t stand it anymore (especially the eye-rolling). The constant yelling is driving everyone crazy.

The severe punishments are only making it worse. You need help getting your teen under control.

Reconnect with your teen lovingly and positively.

Get back to the relationship you used to have with your teen before they became a rude alien.

Let’s team up to learn what that foreign language they’re speaking means.

You’ll learn to decode your teen’s behavior and translate that into what they’re really asking from you.

Using the Nurtured Heart Approach, you’ll reconnect deeply with your teen on an emotional level.

Imagine your teen listening to you!

Picture your teen running up to you and hugging you just because!

Through our work together, you’ll see dramatic changes in your teen.

There will be less acting out, fewer arguments, and much more connection for the whole family.

You’ll have difficult conversations lovingly and take your power back as a parent.

Get your teen back!

Imagine not having to yell anymore!

Watch your teen’s self-esteem and self-worth skyrocket as they build resilience, communication skills, and better decision-making skills.

Why are you waiting?

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